What is SEO and what does SEO mean

In the Internet world you get to hear SEO frequently and if you are a blogger or a Youtuber or then connected to Digital Marketing then it becomes very important for you to know about it.

Because today is the era of internet and everything is being done with the help of internet, whether shopping online or ordering food online or finding answers to a question or searching the internet to increase your knowledge!

Everything depends on SEO, so big online businesses pay thousands of millions of rupees to their SEO Expert and at the same time it becomes mandatory for their own online business to have SEO information on the Internet .

So today we want to tell you in detail about what SEO Full Form is and why SEO is important and after reading this article completely, there will be hardly any question that you will not know.

What is SEO Full Form

SEO Full Form i.e. SEO full name is Search Engine Optimization These are the rules of any search engine that are used to make your website / blog / channel etc. to come up on top of the search.

Today, there are many search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, etc. But today they are the most popular Google search engine, mainly because it is about 75 percent used.

Every search engine can have different SEO factors, but Google uses more than 200 SEO factors, which makes any website / blog / channel at the top of the search engine i.e. the first rank and every one from Google There are some changes in the day.

Today, billions and billions of websites are seen on the Internet and thousands of new websites / blogs are created every day but only websites rank in search engines which work according to search engine guidelines.

Well, SEO is a very short word, but it is equally difficult, especially for those people who are not yet fully aware of what SEO is, so definitely read this article and learn about SEO.

Why SEO is Important

In today’s time, the Internet is the largest market in the world where not only can you batch your equal and service to the people of your country, but due to the Internet, you can do your service and same batch in any country of the world.

But for this, it is most important that people come to your website so that you get a chance to sell your service and same, so many methods are used for this and SEO is the most powerful way among them.

Because if you have knowledge of SEO, then you can rank your website in search engine free of cost, while in other ways you have to spend money and at the same time they give less profit than SEO.

Overall SEO is a technique that allows you to bring your website / blog / channel to the first page in the search engine for which SEO has to be done and increase the value of your website in the eyes of the search engine. Trust on content and website.

Types of SEO – Type Of SEO

There are mainly two types of SEO, due to which you can rank your website / blog in search engine, both of them have their own methods and importance which are very important for every website / blog.

-ON Page Seo

This is the most powerful way to optimize your website search engine using which any website can be made completely SEO friendly, hence ON Page SEO is considered very important.

In ON Page, you have to optimize it by using several methods within your website which will be liked by search engines such as having good website speed increases the value of your website in search engines.

-OFF Page Seo

In this technique, you have to increase the value of your website by increasing the value of your website in search engines differently from other websites with the help of backlinks, etc., which gives Google the power to provide good content on your website. .

It is also an important factor of SEO which becomes the domain authority and page authority of your website which it ranks quickly in search engines.

Type Of SEO Technique

There are a lot of techniques to do SEO on any website / blog / channel but there are mainly two types of SEO Technique and every blogger or Youtuber or again associated with Digital Marketing people should know this because it is important point of SEO Huh.

-White Hat Seo Technique

If the technique used to rank your website on the first page in the search engine, if it is according to the search engine guidelines and it works according to the search engine parameters then it is called White Hat Technique.

If you want to know about this technique in detail, then read what is White Hat Seo and why it is important because it explains in detail about it and also it will help you to understand White Hat SEO.

-Black Hat Seo Technique

Getting your website to the top rank in search engines is not an easy task, so some people use some methods which are against the search engine guidelines and in order to get their website to the top in the search engine as soon as possible. All such methods are called Black Hat Seo.

Therefore, such a technique should not be used at all, and some people knowingly and unknowingly use it, so read what is Black Hat Seo and why it is dangerous , after which you will be able to understand this technique completely. .

Here you have given the basic point of SEO, if you are a new blogger / YouTuber, then you must have learned a lot from it and if you want to get the complete information about what SEO is, then read what SEO is.

We hope that you have liked this article of ours and now you have understood what SEO is in the world of Internet and what is SEO Full Form and what it means.

So if you get some help with this article from us, then definitely share it with your friends who want to come in the field of blogging / YouTube or digital marketing and if you have any question, then let us know through the comment.

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